It is considered a measure of dynamic torque when the force is made on an axis or rotatory element in movement.

The torque is the force that occurs in a twist or rotation that depends on the force exerted relative to the arm (distance to centre force). IS measurement unit for torque is Nm (Newton /meter).

Torque transducers operate from two systems of measurement:

  • Deforming the metal core according to rotational force. This deformation is detected by the galgas extensiométricas (similar to force sensors).
  • Inductive system that measures the core deformation.Dynamic torque transmitters (rotatory)

The shape of the transducer depends on its application. It may have a double axis doing torque in both sides or flanges, but the size and share are conditioned by the performance of the device.

The accuracy. Depending on the application and demand of accuracy, we can specify torque transducers of class 0,5% in general applications and equipment up to 0,05% FE in test benches.

Speed of rotation. We should differentiate small rotation velocities (less than 1500 rpm) and high speed up to 50000 rpm that require very sophisticated sensors.

Working conditions: Depending on application and atmosphere.

The majority of the sensors have bearings that guide the axis into the body. There are models without contact, especially in ranges where the middle part is in the rotational axes and the information is transmitted to a un estator ubicado alrededor del eje.In that case, there are no bearings that can suffer wear due to the application.

About the information transmission between the rotor and stator in systems with incorporated axe, there are two main systems:

-Transmission systems by anillos rozantes. The deformation of axis signal is transmitted until the fixed part by means of brushes and collector. This system (which is the most economic) has the inconvenient of the wear of the brushes and the limitation of rotatory speed.

-Transmission systems without contact. Part of the electronics that is in the same rotation axis and sends digital information to the body od the device by an inductive system.