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Power supply for sensors

The conventional power supply FA LEXITRON are specially designed for the application in sensors and transmitters. With a supply of 230 Vac, each model has a specific output for its application: FA10 and FA5. Especially suitable for supply of galgas extensiométricas, load cells and potenciómetros. It has outputs of 5 Vdc or 10 Vdc. FA 10S. Has 4 outputs of 10 Vdc with individual regulation for the sum up to 4 load cells. FA 15 S and FA 12S. They are symmetrical output supply +/- 12Vdc y +/-15 Vdc or feeding with a differential voltage. FA-24. Indicated for feeding current [...]

Fuentes conmutadas para alimentación de equipos

With output of 12 or 24 Vdc and maximum current of 1 to 20 Adc they are suitable for feeding all kinds of equipment in DC. The input is 230Vac and are ready for installation on DIN rail. They are compact elements, which take up little space. The amplitude of equipment depends on its capacity (maximum output). The series SPS from our represented SIMEX has 6 different models depending on range and intensity. They have protection for short-circuit, overload and overvoltage. Insulation class II curly mVp 80-p. The model SPX-24/1 is notable for its small size with only 22.5 mm [...]

Laboratory power supply

Our represented V+A has two families of power supply devices for laboratory desktop. The series DP programmable and the HY series with analog regulation. The models DP3003 and DP3005 can be fed withe 110 to 250 Vac and the adjustable output is 0 to 30V and 5 A. It has a numeric keypad and a functions keypad for programming Voltage and output current and has also a double digital display. The series HY has more thane 30 specific models with multiple functions: Digital display (LCD or LED) or needle for current and voltage. Adjustable intensity up to5 Adc. One output, [...]

Special power supply devices

There are specific devices for certain applications, including: -Power supply devices DC/DC. Manufactured by our represented GREISINGER GHM which isolates the supply of a determined zone relative to the general Voltage DC. The devices can be: GNG 12/24 and GNG 24/24 Series on amplification, with input 12 or 24 Vdc and output 24 Vdc GNG 12/2X24 Series with dual output, input 12 Vdc and two outputs 12 or 24 Vdc -Security power supply devices. Manufactured from our represented DINEL, the series NSSU, NDSU and NLCU are applied feeding NAMUR sensors that are installed in classified zones where ATEX certification (exia, [...]