Sensotec Instruments S.A.


Sensotec Instruments S.A., was founded in 1984 by a small team of engineers and specialized technicians in the Industrial Instrumentation field.
From the beginning, its activities have been focused on the measurement and control of industrial variables such as pressure, temperature, humidity, level, force/weight and movement.

Despite that, at times, the measurement systems were based mainly on electro-magnetic technologies, Sensotec Instruments S.A. has been a pioneer in Spain in the introduction of new electronic advances which began to be used in Sensors/Transmitters/Transducers.

In 1990, the company was known for its specialization in the majority of Industries and Producers of OEM in our country because its supply program included a considerable range of Sensors/Transmitters/Transducers with output signals which were compatible with the majority of the equipment available in the market, as well as complementary alimentation equipment, treatment and signal visualization.


Sensotec Instruments S.A. has its headquarters in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona), with 400m dedicated to production and a laboratory; 300m of stock warehouse and 250m for offices. The team consist of 17 employees, 13 of them are Engineers and specialized technicians in the electronic field.

We are present in Madrid with offices, personnel and adequate resources for the commercialization and technical support in the centre of Spain.
In Portugal, we have a team in Lisbon to attend to and cover all the needs in the territory.


In close collaboration with its representatives, the company is working in different areas of investigation in order to simplify the instrumentation of industrial processes. A constant goal is to incorporate the new technologies in Sensors/Transmitters/Transducers for the measurement and control of physical variables, developing new models capable to adjust to the multiple applications that come up in the industrial processes and producers OEM, as well as to provide solutions for our clients.

In parallel and for the range of Sensors/Transmitters/Transducers, we are developing new generations of digital electronic equipment, totally programmable by PC or keyboard, equipped with digital intelligent communication.

Constant amplification of the calibration laboratory with the acquisition of latest equipment.


SENSOTEC INSTRUMENTS S.A. has the principal aim to offer satisfactory solutions for our clients needs in the measurement field. Our goal is to offer a global solution capable to allow solving commercial and technical problems, from the selection of the adequate product to its launch.

In order to fulfil this purpose, we have a dynamic team adapted to all variations in the market and it is kept up to date, offering the best solutions in measurement systems and instrumentation.

The clients total satisfaction and trust is our principal goal and it is the best way to evaluate the results.


Our specialization and experience in the sector, participating in multiple projects of automation, allows us to offer our clients an efficient technical support:

  • Study, selection and evaluation of the adequate equipment necessary for the installation, with intervention of the Engineer Department if necessary.
  • Technical support in different phases of the installation, launch and adjustment of the equipment if necessary.
  • Possibility of osside support in the installation, if necessary.
  • Adjustment and calibration of the equipment in the laboratory.
  • Technical Advisory in all problems that could come up in the normal operation of the equipment.
  • Possibility to deliver the equipment with its corresponding certificates (Calibration, Verification, Conformity, etc.)
  • Engineer Department: conception and basic design of the control/automation systems and instrumentation for industrial units, optimization of processes, calibration of benches: detailed engineering and supply of complete benches.


Sensotec Istruments S.A. dispose of this certifications:

  • Certificate ISO 9001:2008
  • Directive ISO 2002/96/CE, accreditation as a producer P-46652-1
  • Certificate CE of al commercialized instruments.
  • Product certificate. We dispose of product certifications and homologations done by different organisms.: ATEX, DNV, Germanischer, Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register, UKAS, TÜV, ENAC, CSA, KTL, KOSHA, SIL-2, DESINA, CiA, PNO, etc.

Quality policy

The quality policy of Sensotec aims to minimize the incidences with clients and suppliers, reaching a 0% of errors and possess the necessary tools to minimize the incidences which can affect the client.

From the mission described above Sensotec knows exactly the direction of the company, and thus, the decisions and strategies needed to maintain its competitiveness.

The quality policy is based on 5 points:

  • ISO 9001 requirements. With this rule we are obligated to accomplish the clients requirements and to improve our management system on a daily basis.
  • The client. Customer satisfaction is our principal goal. The improvement of the personal attention and satisfactory solutions within the deadlines, technical solutions and the improvement of the tools to accomplish it.
  • The market. We have to stay up to date not only with necessities but also with new techniques and equipment.
  • Our Company. We know our organization, our possibilities and abilities to reach our full potential and perform best.
  • Organization. All the human resources of Sensotec, beginning with the directors and ending with the staff, are totally involved with the quality policy as a fundamental element of the management of the organization.