Other level measurement systems

//Other level measurement systems

Load cell

Widely used to control dosages and storage of liquids and solids, the load cells ensure knowing exactly (10 times faster than most teams level) the quantity of product. We have a wide range of cells between 200 gr and 1200 Ton with different accuracy and applications. The cells are provided with their mounting accessories that guarantees several solutions: Vibration, Vibration, expansion, hostile environments, etc. More information in the weight section.


Capacitive detectors perform continuous measurement according to the alteration of the capacitance along a bulb (depending on the ratio of bulb in contact with the product). They are very common in the DLM-35 and CLM-36. Application in liquids and granulated solids. For its constructive shape and its application, we can distinguish several types: Typically the amplifying electronics is installed on the same probe head and incorporates supply, output and adjustment. Like models DLS35 and from our represented DINEL. Programming of 0 and scale is done easily by magnetic contacts. The analogic output can be 4 to 20mA or 0 to [...]


High accuracy sensors based on the alteration of a magnetic field when the float moves. By applying the Wiedemann effect, the magnetic float disturbs the circulation of a pulse by an internal conduct. The delay of the return pulse is directly proportional to the magnetic float position. Level transmitters magnorestrictivos provide us with an analogic or digital output and an accuracy of 0.01% or higher.