Non-intrusive flow meters

//Non-intrusive flow meters

Caudalímetros de tiempo de tránsito

Only applicable in fluids with absence or minimum presence of elements or bubbles in suspension because they need a free of elements flow that could alter the progress of ultrasonic beam. The basic measurement principle is the transit time difference of ultrasonic pulses that progress with and against the direction of the fluid. This difference of time is a measurement of average fluid speed through the path of the beam. With the use of the absolute transit times not only of flow speed but also the sound speed, can be calculated SENSOTEC INSTRUMENTS has available numerous fixed installation devices for [...]

Doppler flow meters

Only applicable to products with at least minimum suspension elements or bubbles because the measurement of the speed is done by circulating elements and not by flow mass. For this reason, they are not applicable to clean flows. The Doppler system uses the ultrasonic beam reflection in sonically reflective materials, ie solid elements or air bubbles carried over a fluid flowing or fluid turbulence itself, if the fluid is clean. SENSOTEC INSTRUMENTS has numerous devices of fixed installation for measurement of flow by transit time available, being the most common ones the MICRONICS UF D5000 y el PF D550