Combined devices

Combined measures

Standard devices customised for measurement of parameters in a special application. Below, some examples: -Flow measurement + pressure in hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems or pumps. -Humidity measurement, temperature and atmospheric pressure in order to determine working conditions or testing. -Humidity measurement, temperature and gas concentration for the conditions of storage and refrigerators. -Position and force measurement to establish deformation in structures. -Angle measurement, par presión and flow in valves testing

Micro clime measurement

The microclime defines the environmental conditions in an enclosed space. Also performs calculations of comfort indices and thermal stress: WBGT, SR, PMV, PPD. This measurements are applied to the following fields: - Legislation on environmental conditions in public spaces. -Evaluation of jobs. -Prevention, security and hygiene. - Preservation of art and museums or archives documents. -Conservation of monuments, caves, etc.

Biogas analysis

Biogas generation, even from similar organic materials, can not guarantee the exact composition of it. This is why the gas analysis is a must. The measurement is performed by hand analysers, incorporating a suction pump and sensors for determining the concentration of different gases. Biogas measuring devices are classified ATEX in order to work directly in an explosive atmosphere.