FOOD PRODUCTS In the process of manufacturing food, products are handled in all its states. Solids in powder and granulate. Liquids with different densities like highly dense and viscous products, aqueous liquids, or more volatile elements. Gases, weather additives or as elements for conservation and dosage. LIQUID MEASUREMENT Processes with large movement of fluid (sometimes corrosive) require continuous measurement and parameters regulation such as pressure in pipes, temperature, tank levels and circulation rate. REGULATION Whenever the measurement is made in contact with a food product, it is necessary to comply with regulations on hygiene and in many cases the approval of the product (FDA, EHEDG, 3-A is required, NSF, etc.) is required. SPECIFIC DEMANDS The food industry is particularly demanding with sensors world. In addition to compatibility and compliance of the health regulations, it is needed a temperature field compatible with procedures such as freezing and high water proof (IP 67 or upper) due to the exhaustive cleaning of the facilities.