Highly developed, wind generation is one of the most implanted energy system in the territory.

For this sector, we have available sensors for the measurement of all environmental parameters (speed and wind direction as well as climate values) and for measurement and control of generators (angle, inclination, vibration, etc.)


Solar energy has two main components: photovoltaic and thermal energy. Both types share energy source but the processes and systems are completely different.  SENSOTEC has specific components for solar installations either for the source (radiation and climatic parameters) or facilities (solar trackers, temperature, flow, pressure, etc.)


The “water world” has a special consideration in our website due to the importance and presence of SENSOTEC in the field. It is possible to have more information in the sections water technology and energy.

Related to the field, SENSOTEC offers water control devices (pressure, level, flow, temperature,…) and other control devices like turbine vibration, meteorological parameters, etc.


With less implementation we can find geothermic and marine energy. For both applications we offer measurement and control sensors for environmental parameters, security and energy source control. Regarding biomass, you can see the energy and biogas sections