Flow meters for gases

//Flow meters for gases

Air flow meters

Caudalímetros de molinete. Based on rotation of a rotor with blades against the action of the air flow, los caudalimetros de molinete are are highly reliable in occasional fixed flow measurement in duct air circulation. Easy installation and low sensitivity to variation of working conditions, we can find two types; large blades or installation in the exit of the canal or the micro-winch for insertion into the duct. Amongst the whole range, we would like to highlight low cost standard versions and the more robust models prepared for work in high temperature, harsh environments or ATEX areas. Thermal flow meters [...]

Flow meters by differential pressure

Inclusion of normalized mechanical elements that generate a difference of pressure proportional to the speed of the circulating flow. The mechanical elements installed may affect the overall section of the duct or be introduced as a flow element. These systems allow us to work in pressurized ducts and large sections being an accurate and reasonably priced method long as working conditions (previously known to perform calculations) do not fluctuate much. Sensotec Instruments offer a complete solution for this measurement system by differential pressure; this is the calculation of the element, the construction and its accessories, and the differential pressure transmitter [...]

Flow meters for compressed air

Mass flow meters due to the need of a magnitude that facilitates a real measure in compressed phases. A compressed gas with the same speed moves the major quantity of gas as the higher is the pressure. The relation between volume, temperature and pressure is known by the Boyle-Mariotte law. This is why in order to know the quantity of gas (volume of circulating gas in a duct), we have to facilitate the flow and its temperature and pressure conditions or directly know the amount of gas by the mass flow. Models VP FlowScope and VP FlowScope inline measures the [...]

Flow meters for technical gases

SENSOTEC INSTRUMENTS S.A. offers specific devices for measurement of the gas flow in specific conditions (corrosive gases), high temperature, high pressures, etc. It is known that the behaviour of a gas is different depending on its composition (chemical formulation, concentration, specific weight, etc.). This requires a sophistication of the system to perform the measurement with guarantees (and withstand the conditions of measurement). Our represented BINDER Engineering offers the range COMBIMAS to measure multiple gases by the principle of thermal dispersion determining the volumetric and mass without having to do corrections of pressure and temperature. It can be applied in hard [...]