Quality control equipement

//Quality control equipement

Sealing and leakage measures

Equipment for testing leak proofness circuits and equipment from the stability of the internal pressure over time. The system adapts to the needs of the test by installing standard equipment (such as digital manometers accurately calculating the evolution over a period of time) or special equipment based pressure sensors (for lines and closures) or differential pressure (like testing valves). The standard equipment is the DL01 model manufactured by BD SENSORS

Roughness and hardness meters

Portable equipment of hardness measuring (durómetros).  We can determine penetration hardness in deformable materials (cork, rubber, elastomers, etc.) or the hardness of hard materials such as metals, polymers etc. They can facilitate measures on international standards such as Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Shore, etc. Hand tools for the verification of surface quality. Determination of surface roughness by slipping the instrument through the measured area.  During a uniform slipping of the probe, the roughness of the area is altered proportionally.

Isolation measures

We can distinguish different families of electrical insulation meters: Ground isolation measures. To determine the resistance of the ground in installations through Wenner method or similar. Measurement of the isolation resistance in components, equipment, etc. According to rule IEC611010-1. Measurement of specific resistance like aeronautic insulation meters or pyrotechnic ohmmeters. Micrometres for calculations of resistance in the cable industry, small electrical equipment, etc.

Vibration measures

Portable vibration meters to determine problems in bancadas, pumps, ventilators, engines, conveyor belts, etc. They indicate the level of vibration in moving elements to determine misalignment problems, wear etc. In particular, we have vibration meters with indication of bearings status (ISO 10816-3).