Metrology is the science that studies the measurement of magnitudes establishing a normalization of them. It establishes traceability with international standards, so regardless of the country or technician, the results can be interpreted and assumable for any operator. In this field, SENSOTEC offers measurement and calibration devices for field or laboratory as well as calibration services of all devices in our catalogue.


We have available a full range of portable devices and calibrators that enables the parameter measurement, calibration and adjustment as well as transmitters in the same facility. The constructional and metrological characteristics determine the most appropriate equipment for each application.


Laboratory equipment usually allows us to obtain better meteorological performance (in terms of accuracy, repeatability, etc.). Also working conditions (temperature, humidity, atmosphere and working conditions), ensures greater accuracy and durability of the instruments with greater conservation and precision.


Sensotec not only offers the instrumentation for calibration of devices and sensors but also does calibrations with certificate (in our installations or laboratories form our represented companies).