Flow meters for open canals

//Flow meters for open canals

Normalized canals

It allows the calculation of the flow by measuring the level of he canals generating the Venturi principle. Venturi measures are performed in canals with special shapes. In this type of canals, the level and flow have an exponential relation. The normalized canals are those that have a normalized shape and dimensions where the relation between the water level in a specific point and the circulating flow is known. The most common devices correspond to ultrasonic levels situated in some height over the level of the canal level, however, we have devices with hydrostatic measure that eliminate all errors due [...]

Speed-level flow meters

They can be applied to full pipes, canals and affluents. It may have a double velocity-level sensor or two independent sensors one velocity and another one level (can be ultrasonic or hydrostatic). It provides the calculation of flow by knowing the water speed and level. Providing level and canal dimensions (programed by the operator), the system calculates the section of the fluid. The product in the section and the speed, indicate the flow. We have available versions for either dirty and clean water. The most common model is the AV5000 from our represented Micronics and its portable version LV550. They [...]