Non-intrusive flow meters

By transit time The nonintrusive transit time flow meters allow us to measure the flow in pipes through which flows a clean or homogeneous fluid. The measurement of the fluid velocity is made from the alteration of sound transmission in a flow. The limitation of the measurement is established in non-homogeneous liquids or with a high concentration of particles or ducts constructed in non-homogeneous materials which do not allow proper transmission of sound. Doppler The non-intrusive flow meters by Doppler system, measure the flow in full pipes where circulates a fluid with minimum particles or bubbles. The speed of the [...]

Open canals

Measurement by level-speed Sensors that are immersed in the bottom of a river, canal, duct or pipe and measure water velocity and the fluid level. From the speed, the level and shape of the channel, it can be determined the flow rate the volume of water flowing in a given period of time. Water speed Water speed can be measured through sondas de molinete immersed in the river or canal fluid. This parameter will not display the flow directly, except if the section of water is known. The direct output information is the power and speed.