Flow meters for liquids

//Flow meters for liquids

Rotor flow meters (by turbine or rotor)

As its name indicates, the working principle is the measurement of flow from the rotational speed of a rotor or turbine. Its main drawback is having moving parts, but by having highly robust equipment this is not a problem as long as no solids circulate through the duct. The turbine system offers acceptable pressures and accept harsh working conditions such as: Temperatures up to 100 ° C, pressures up to 250 bar and high viscosity fluids. The rotor has a very competitive price and can measure really low flows. The working ranges goes from few ml/min up to 2500 l/min. [...]

Electromagnetic flow meters

The electromagnetic measurement system enables the measurement of flows with minimum conductivity. The minimum speed is usually 0,2 m/s in order to start the measurement and offers high accuracy (0,25% error). Two formats can be distinguished: Flow meters to insert in line. They are installed in line in order to measure the circulating flow by flanges or thread. We also have models for pipes from DN15 to DN1000 and pressures up to 40 bar. Its main advantage is the good accuracy offered and the main disadvantage is that it must be installed as a pipe section. The most common supplied [...]

Ultrasonic flow meters

Only applicable to flows without or with minimum presence of suspended particles or bubbles as they need a fluid free of elements that can block or alter the progress of the ultrasound beam. For its application is necessary to install two sensors in the pipe placed in both sites and displaced so that the ultrasonic beam moves on a diagonal. The measurement principle is the measurement by difference of transit time of ultrasonic pulses propagating in and against the flow direction. This difference is a measure of average along the path of the ultrasound beam. Can be calculated using absolute [...]

Oval wheel flow meters

Specially used for the measurement of viscosity products like fat, oil, etc. They offer high accuracy and allow measurement of low flows. For its application is necessary to have a minimum line pressure due to operation by friction gears cause considerable loss. SENSOTEC INSTRUMENTS offer flow meters with oval wheels for pipes form DN10 to DN100. The more common models are EPI, in plastic and suitable for low flows from 0,05 l/,min and the series OM (OM15, .. OM50 … OM100).

Thermal flow meters

Based on the principle of calorimétrico they are suitable for small pipes and low speed. Its application is in line, where two temperature sensors are situated; one of them affected by a heater element. The difference between both sensors gives us the speed of the circulating flow. The more speed of circulation, the high is the thermal dissipation effect of the flow. The measurement can be done in two different ways, altering the temperature in the heated sensor with a constant energy or by measuring the energy needed to maintain a constant temperature in the sensor. We offer devices for [...]

Caudalímetros de paletas

Installed by a “picaje”, this is, they are inserted into the pipe with a thread or flange, they are economic systems and easy to install. An immersor with a bladed rotor at its end measures the forward speed of the flow from the rotation speed of said rotor. Different constructive options are available: The length of the device determines the minimum and maximum pipe diameter that can be applied given that we must place the measurement area in a significant area of laminar flow. Building materials influence the temperature, maximum pressure and products to be measured. We have equipment in [...]

Power meters

It is a particular application of flow meters where incorporating the temperature difference between the flow sent and the fluid returned the thermal energy released in the heating or cooling of the liquid is calculated. Insertion devices for small pipes (up to 2”) that measures directly the flow and temperature of the returning pipe and have an auxiliary sensor for the measurement of sent temperature, are available For bigger pipes and also when a non-intrusive system is needed, ultrasonic flow meters with two incorporated sensors PT100 for the measure of temperature and with energy calculation, are available. They can be [...]