Data acquisition systems

//Data acquisition systems

Portable datalogger

We can find two groups. On one hand sensors or meters with optional data acquisition and on the other hand, universal or multiparameter dataloggers. It is important to highlight the sensors for specific applications like transport or storage, vibration measurement for sensible goods, etc. One parameter or combined parameters devices can be found in almost every portable equipment. You can get information from these equipment in the section corresponding to the measured variable or in the specific section of portable meter. Regarding universal dataloggers, we can highlight: E-Log y M-Log system. Hand devices for the acquisition of universal signals (mVdc, [...]

Datalogger for fixed installation

The main difference between this devices and the portable ones is the autonomy and protection. For fixed applications there is no need to have batteries or solar panels for the supply, and neither protection and transportation systems that allow us to move and apply it in wet conditions, rain or vibration. You can include all of the above equipment in fixed applications, but we must add the following equipment and formats. Acquirers for panel installation. Size format 96x96mm or 144x144mm. Touchable screen available, USB port for download to pendrive and different configurations of signal inputs and control outputs. The most [...]

Acquisition systems for PC

Apart from complex systems or networks developed in the following paragraphs, SENSOTEC INSTRUMENTS S.A. offer a wide range of sensors, devices, systems and displays with direct PC connection and software for download and data acquisition.