Signal converters

//Signal converters

Rail converters

They are signal amplifiers that convert a signal from a specific sensor to a normalized analog output mA or Vdc. The teams are ready for installation on DIN rail 35 mm. The power can be 230 Va, or low voltage 24 Vac / dc. There are also models that are fed by the output loop 4 to 20 mA. We have different models depending on the input: Input mAd or Vdc. Signal conversion from mA or Vdc to Vdc or mAdc. It has normalised inputs 0/1 mAdc, 0/20 mAdc, 4-20 mAdc, 0/1 Vdc, 0/5 Vdc, 1/5 Vdc, 0/10 Vdc. The [...]

Head converters

When temperature probes are installed and need to connect to a certain distance it is necessary to amplify the signal by a transmitter 4-20 mA. F For ease of installation and space saving, the most common option is to install a converter head, with dimensions and form suitable for direct installation in the head of probe temperature. Depending on needs, we have many models: Model LEXITRON MCU-2. Low cost with analogic adjustment. It has configurable inputs PT100 and thermocouple J and K. The output is 4 to 20 mAdc. Model LEXITRON TRB. Programmable by PC, it offers a great stability [...]

Ex converters

The intrinsic safe option in signal converters are applied in devices for instalación en armario. They are equivalent converters to the over mentioned but with EExi certificate in order to be installed in a classified ATEX zone. Should not be confused with EXi isolators that are homologated to work as interface between explosive area and safe area (see section Exi insulators). Installing a converter with Exia classification in an explosive area needs be accompanied by an Ex isolator or barrera zener in the safe area. The most common signals are the ones corresponding to the temperature probes, but there are [...]

Other formats of converters

Wall installation modules.  Wall installation device with IP or higher protection. They have input prensaestopas of the sensor, the signal output and the supply. The device can be placed near the sensor without the need of an armario o instalación. They are available for temperature probes, analytic probes and puentes extensiométricos. Rack installation modules. Format currently available only for laboratory equipment in high precision, high speed and acquisition system. Desktop modules. Applied as a simple power supply, they perform amplification of the signal inserting them in the connection cable. Available for temperature, DMS and analytical signals.

Specific functions

Level relays. Conductive or reed probe input and relay output modules. They allow the amplification of a level output contact to a free of voltage relay output. Installation in rail DIN or wall. Summing load cell box. Case of 4 or 6 load cells for installation in situ, model LEXITRON CS4S. IP 65 protection. Aluminium or plastic box. Wall installation. Regulation signal simulators. They allow us to generate an analog signal of 4-20 mA, 0 to 10 Vdc or potenciómetro to get into a control system. They work as a potenciómetro control. They may have typical format spin button or [...]

Galvanic isolators

In most of the cases it is necessary to do an isolation between input signals and our system. In this way we can avoid drift, increase safety and allow installing items that need to be isolated from the common mass of the system. For this, we install galvanic isolators that inserted in the several signal inputs avoid any physical communication between system and sensor. The most universal models are the model SGS-61 de SIMEX. It isolates a loop of 4-20 mA in a rail module of only 6,1 m of thickness. We can almost say that you can physically replace [...]

Eexi isolators

They are devices that isolate the input/output with the compliance and certification for isolating intrinsically safe sensor signals relative to the security zone. Unlike las barreras zener, insulating behaviour does not depend on the presence or quality of the grounding installation. This advantage allows us to use in facilities where it is not possible to have a good grounding and avoid major problems caused by poor returns on land connections. The signals that are applied are analogic if we have the model IRU-240H from our DINEL, which is specially designed for isolation of transmitters of 4-20 mA with HART protocol. [...]

Control and security elements

We have several control and security systems. Control relays with input 4-20 mA or 0 a 10 Vdc. From an analog input signal and by adjusting a front potentiometer (CAL-2, TS500, l etc.) or with a small keyboard programming (TI-08R), we can get a relay contact for alarm or monitoring. Temperature control relays with SIL-2 certification. STL 50 model. Control module of temperature input signals PT100 or thermocouple J, K, T, N or S. Power supply 220 Vac. Local keyboard and display. DIN rail installation. Optional EExia classification. Security relay F121. Power supply 230 Vac. Relay output. Intended for safety [...]