Copressed gas humidity

//Copressed gas humidity

Absolut humidity

Absolute humidity in compressed gas define the amount of water contained in the gas. This measure (mass value) is independent of the temperature and pressure to which it is subjected, but it indicates the behaviour that will follow this gas in different conditions of these variables. The absolute humidity is a measure calculated directly from relative humidity and temperature. The standard model is the SF52  from 0 to 200 g/m3.

Dew point

Unlike relative humidity probes, when measuring the dew point in compressed air, we can not use capacitive polymer probes as this elements don’t allow the measurement of dew points under -40ºC For this application, ceramic sensors that can detect low concentrations of water in air  supporting high working pressures (up to 16 bar) are applied. The strandard models are the THS88 and Easidew for measurement of dew points up to -100ºC. The dew point measurement is essential to prevent damage from water condensation in compressed air.