Hydrostatic level

//Hydrostatic level

Lateral mounting

It is installed in the bottom part of the tank and measures the level by pressure of liquid column. It has analogic signals and a threaded or flanged connection to the tank. In the series LMP331 and LMK 331, with a threaded connection and stainless steel body, the sensor membrane is aflorante in order to prevent clogging by grounds or sludge in the tank. The threads can be ¾ "GAS or 1 ¼" GAS. The model LMK 351, with threaded connection 1 ½” is available with body AISI 316L or in PVC. The ceramic sensor allows measurement ranges from 0,4 m.c.a. [...]

Submersible level transmitters

Hydrostatic level measurement devices (by pressure) that goes installed in the tank. With more than 25 years of experience in installation of this type of transmitters, we can offer a complete range of devices to solve a wide range of applications. Basic models LMK 307 and LMP307 are applied in standard situations (water or similar). They have a special cable with capillary atmospheric pressure compensation and analogue output 4-20 mA or 0 to 10 Vdc. We have ranges from 1 m.c.a. and 400 m.c.a. For applications in deep wells, the most common equipment (LMP305, LMK306) has a narrower body (up [...]

High frequency detectors

The high frequency detectors RFLS-35  are applied to the majority of fluids, specially in dense liquids, purees and pastes.  Thanks to its resistance to the adhesion of viscous products, they can replace the vibration level detectors. Can work in both conductive and non-conductive liquids and the installation is just threaded to the tank, pipe, etc. Ideal for ketchup, yogurt, spreads, syrups, creams, pastes, cleaning agents, etc.