The chemical industry has historically been at the forefront of the instrumentation because of the importance of the parameters to measure and control and the difficulty in working conditions.

Sensotec has historically been the Spanish leader in pressure measuring both in mechanical and electronic elements. The development of new measurement systems (flow, level, temperature) together with the incorporation of leader brands of chemical and environmental parameters, have offered the solution to actual needs in the chemical industry.


From large engineering projects to small modifications or repairs, the petrochemical sector demands for equipment and fluid measurement systems.

The introduction in Spain of BOURDON manometers and pressure Transmitters with technology TRANSBAR has placed SENSOTEC on large projects in the sector.

This long experience enables us to offer global solutions suitable for petroleum derivates.


Certification of high explosion risk zone (ATEX, CSA, SGS, ), safety standards and communication protocols are common and in some specific cases of chemical and petrochemical industry.