Devices for continuous measurement, portable devices, measurement transmitters, SENSOTEC offers a range of sensors, transmitters and complete instruments for measuring physical and chemical parameters.


Participation in projects and development of systems for conducting tests and testing in the field or laboratory. Sensotec offers collaboration with the most advanced brands in the world of instrumentation and research and technology centres. The main difficulty in the measurement of testing parameters is the working conditions and limitations of the test. Thus, the medium conditions (humidity, temperature, pressure, etc.), physical needs (size, sealing, etc.) and the hardness of the application (fatigue, wear, etc.) require the use of specific sensor or the design of indirect measurement systems.


The data acquisition and management is as much important as the measurement itself. It is important to know how to use data acquisition devices or programs in research Applications due to the need of high speed reading, integration of data in a client system, or data transmission.