Mechanical thermometers

//Mechanical thermometers

Bimetallic thermometers

Bimetallic thermometers are spherical thermometers that measure the temperature through a bimetallic spiral that rotates depending on the temperature thanks to the constant distance of dilatation of the two metals. Bimetallic thermometers consist of a graduated sphere where the position of the needle shows the temperature and a bulb where is placed the bimetallic spiral. The accuracy of the system goes between a 1 and 2%. The constrictive characteristics offered  by SENSOTEC instruments in the rang of bimetallic thermometers is the following: -Sphere diameter. We offer diameters between the 26 mm and 150 m. -Bulb diameter and length. Diameter from [...]

Gas dilatation thermometers

Gas dilatation thermometers are spherical thermometers that measure temperature through dilatation of internal gas depending on temperature. This expansion is transmitted to a rotating needle in a graduated sphere. The thermometers are constructed with a graduated sphere where one can see the position of the needle showing the temperature, a bulb in which inside a gas is moving and a final bottle where the dilatation of the most important part of the gas content is performed. Between the case and the end of the bulb may be a rigid immersor or a flexible capilar. This allows the remote transmission even [...]

Liquid dilatation thermometers

Since the prohibition of the use of mercury, bar thermometers work by non contaminated and tinted liquids, basically alcohol. The measurement is performed when visualising the dilatation of the liquid inside the glass tube. As a precision element for laboratory measurement, the thermometer has only a bulb where the dilatation of the volume is produced, and a granulated tube where one can observe the point reached by the liquid in the scale. For installation in field, the glass is protected by a body in brass, bronze or stainless steel. This type of thermometers can have multiple shapes and dimensions. Depending [...]