Specific measures

//Specific measures

Microclimate stations for caves

With a specific design for research applications, personalized systems have been developed for permanent application in caves. To achieve this, the evolution of sensors and electronic have had to allow constant work in environments with high concentrations of moisture and long autonomy that enables the continuous measurement of air flow, CO and CO2 concentration, humidity and dew point, temperature of the environment and minerals, etc.

Estaciones estudios de energías renovables

Specific configurations in order to estimate the location and performance of future exploitation of renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal, etc.) or to verify the operation of existing facilities.

Wireless system of medida en compost

Specific system of sensors with transmission via radio. The system EXP831 measures and sends signals of temperature and O2. The system is ready for steady work in the environment of a nave de compostaje with high humidity and temperature and gas concentration.

Customized systems

Customized systems for applications in fields like extinction and prevention of fires, agricultural research, construction and structures behaviour, etc. For this, specific sensors and data acquisition systems are designed and developed. This has enabled our weather and climate systems to be present in most extreme places: From Antarctica to the desert, from Everest to the rainforests or in underground cavities in volcanic areas.