In a production line many essential parameters must be monitored and evaluated for both the completion of the process and for quality assurance. Sensotec has sensors for measurement of physical and chemical quantities that require control.


Sensotec has quality control systems for testing or in line systems especially for control of the 100% of the production. For components testing the use of sensors and sophisticated, accurate and resistant acquisition systems is needed.  This system allows a high frequency of measurement and resistance to repetitive fatigue testing



For speed reasons, resolution and safety, we have available the most standardized and common in industry data Bus PROFIBUS, INBTERBUS-S, DEVICE NET, CAN OPEN, SSI, PROFINET, ETHERCAT.


Not only the filter to avoid manufacturing products that do not meet the specifications is important, but the traceability has become an important data which enables us to determine the conditions and corresponding data to the manufacture any element.