Sensotec Istruments S.A. is a leading company in the instrumentation field with its own offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon. We also have a huge distribution network in order to ensure technical and commercial support where the client needs it.

Sensotec has a complete team of Engineers intended for technical support in determining the product as well as during its application. Therefore, we have our own production warehouse where we produce, fix and develop instruments and applications.

Our field of application is extensive with solutions for a wide range of measurement parameters, however, our commitment requires us to specialize, offering only the technical solutions that we really dominate.

New level probe DCL 532 with i2C interface

By Sensotec Instruments | News

BD SENSORS is presenting a new level probe with a stainless-steel sensor in a proven, high-quality design. The special feature of this probe is an i2C interface that the device uses to communicate digitally with higher-level systems. In recent years, the summer months in Europe have been impacted by extreme weather conditions and depleting groundwater volumes. To respond to this more purposefully, the number of monitoring networks for measuring levels of ground and surface water has increased constantly. It’s precisely for these applications that BD|SENSORS is presenting a new, low-power level probe that offers proven technical features as well as […]

Equipped for the energy revolution: DMP 336 pressure transmitter for hydrogen and technical gases

By Sensotec Instruments | News

With the DMP 336 pressure transmitter, BD|SENSORS is expanding its range of industrial pressure transmitters with a version that is used for measuring the pressure of hydrogen and technical gases. As an energy carrier of the future, hydrogen – and particularly “green hydrogen” which is obtained from renewable energies – is currently taking on a key role in shaping the energy revolution, both in political and economic terms. These storable gases can be used in many different fields of application, ranging from power and heat generation to powering ships, trains, lorries and aircraft, right up to use as fuel and […]