Sensotec Istruments S.A. is a leading company in the instrumentation field with its own offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon. We also have a huge distribution network in order to ensure technical and commercial support where the client needs it.

Sensotec has a complete team of Engineers intended for technical support in determining the product as well as during its application. Therefore, we have our own production warehouse where we produce, fix and develop instruments and applications.

Our field of application is extensive with solutions for a wide range of measurement parameters, however, our commitment requires us to specialize, offering only the technical solutions that we really dominate.

Sensors with ATEX certification and SIL2/PLd certificate

By Sensotec Instruments | News

Don’t go airborne, but better safe than sorry if your application or its environment is at risk of explosion. TWK introduces a new safety encoder for explosion protection according to ATEX, Zone 1 / 21. Additionally, with certificate for functional safety SIL2 / Performance Level d. There are many different applications. Simple and complex. Inexpensive and expensive. Non-hazardous and hazardous. Some of them are even explosive. The medium-sized company TWK has suitable sensor technology for almost all areas of application to convert mechanical into electrical measured variables or into electronic data. The basic principle is: Safety first. In the context […]

G 1910 Mobile CO2 measuring device in handy format

By Sensotec Instruments | News

With the new G 1910-02 and G 1910-20 CO₂ handheld measuring devices users benefit from a compact CO₂ monitor with integrated sensor and an optical and acoustic alarm function that has an impressively long rechargeable battery life, easy charging and a very wide measuring range. Strong in design, durable and practical in use CO₂ is an indicator of indoor air quality and can also be used as an indicator of air hygiene (COVID-19). From schools, wineries, heating and ventilation technology, air conditioning systems to energy management in buildings and greenhouses applications: The compact CO₂ hand held measuring devices of the […]