Panel meters

//Panel meters

One input

We have multiple formats of indicators for panel installation. Depending on the model we can offer: 24 x 48mm, 48 x48 mm, 72 x 36 mm, 96 x 24 mm, 96 x48 mm and 96 x96mm. Process signals LEXITRON offers several devices with process: Vdc, mVdc, mAdc, potenciómetro. The most basic model is the LCF3 4 digits, the Model L30F 5-digit + additional functions such as TARE, maximum and minimum memory and external trigger signals and DPM3F with 6 digits and various programmable functions. Load cells LEXITRON has several devices with extensiometric input bridge. The most basic model LCB3 4-digit [...]

Several inputs

They allow us to visualize different inputs simultaneously or perform operations or calculations between two or more channels, the top teams are: GIR 230 DIF. Low cost device 24 x 48 mm with two inputs 0/10 Vdc, 4-20 mA or PT1000. It displays the difference of the two inputs. It has two programmable control relays. LEXITRON DPM 30. Format 96 x96 mm, two inputs (4-20 mA or PT100) and allows the visualisation of inputs and perform mathematic calculations SIMEX SWP-99 and SWT-99. Format 96 x96 mm, with up to 8 inputs (4-20 mA or PT100) and allows the display of [...]

Giant digits.

Standard panel meters LEXITRON have digits with a maximum height of 20 mm, this allows good visibility over short distances. In some applications the displays should be located in height allowing reading information at a certain distance. For this, we have large digit indicators (numeric and alphanumeric) with various input options, IP protection and digit height (50, 100, 200 or 400 mm)

Output and communication options

Both LEXITRON panel meters and the other models supplied by SENSOTEC INSTRUMENTS S.A. allow many output options: - Analog output 4 tor 20 mA o 0 to 20 mAdc - Analog output 0/1 Vdc, 0/5 Vdc, 1/5 Vdc 0/10 Vdc. - Switch relays output in the most basic devices from 2 to 4 relays, and in the most complex up to 16 relays. - Output transistor to improve the response speed, avoid problems switching or increase the life of the contacts. - Series RS232C or RS485 communication for connection to PC or PLC - DataBus, usually MODBUS RTU. In some [...]

Special applications

- Devices for wall mounting. Unlike the standards for panel installation, we have available models with environmental IP 65 or IP66 ready for installation. Amongst them, we highlight: The series for wall mounting MARTENS ELEKTRONIK with several options depending on the type of input. LED display of 14 mm. Supply 230 Vac or 24 V. Relay and analogic output options. We have models S1010 (process signals Vdc and mAdc), TA1010 (with two inputs for pressure and level), DR1010 (pulse inputs for speed), PR1010 (productivity indicator), UZ 1010 (counter). - Equipment powered by a loop of 4 to 20 mA. No [...]

Indicadores de barras

Normalised formats Available in multiple formats and options allowing you to graphically display any magnitude. Unlike a numerical figure, a bar graph gives a quick overview of the magnitude at the first glance without comparing or placing any numerical value. Our represented MARTENS has the series BA, bar indicators in vertical format, process inputs (mAdc and Vdc) or potenciómetro y and supply 24 V dc/and yellow and red segments. The smallest is the BA4824. Format 24 x 48 mm in vertical. Indication in 13 segments. In 24 x 72 format in vertical, we have available the BA7224 with 23 segments. [...]