Level without contact

//Level without contact


Measurement without contact in liquids and solids based in the calculation of the time interval between the emission and the reception of the probe wave (ultrasonic) The devices are programmable in all the scale (ranges 1m, 2m, 6 m, 10m y 20 m) by adjustment buttons of 0 and scale, local keypad + display or from PC (via protocol HART or RS485). Models with lower ranges have thread locking and large ranges are installed by flanges due to the dimensions of the membrane where the ultrasonic sensor is placed. Amongst all model, we want to highlight: Model ULM53. Analogic output [...]

Microwave and Radar

Level measurement by Doppler effect, allows the measurement in liquids and solids in hard conditions. It is a measurement without contact (with an antenna at the top of the tank) or by guided wave through a bulb or cable, solves the problems due to foams, steam, condensation, etc. They offer great accuracy, both in small and large levels and has a cabezal programmable by keyboard or PC that allow us to adjust not only the range but to correct and solve measurement problems. The series GRLM 70 of DINEL enables ranges up 40 m in granular liquids.


In very long distances, complex solid or when we can not access directly to the tank, the measurement LASER devices offers a reliable and accurate solution. Generally applied in solids, it is based on the principle of flight time, i.e. the time that the to bounce off the measuring point and return. We can apply it directly on top of the tank, placing it far ahead of the measured product (e.g. products at high temperature) or measure through a peephole (when we can not access inside). We can obtain an analogic output or digital output of the level in mot [...]