The measurement of meteorological parameters is essential for understanding the behaviour of most environmental parameters and the study of the evolution of many natural phenomena. SENSOTEC is a company with over 20 years of experience in the field of meteorology.


Water is one of the most prized and studied nature goods. Human influence and the various natural phenomena alter the flows and water quality in the middle. SENSOTEC offers the measurement of all physical and chemical freshwater or seawater parameters.


From its origin to its end, going through treatment, the water flows over multiple pipes and networks. All those processes needs control of parameters like pressure, flow or level and enables us to control and know the status of the network, possible leakage, consumption, performance, etc.


Many research projects have born from SENSOTEC in collaboration with researchers from CSIC, universities, technology centres and R & D groups. For this purpose it has been developed customised systems for measurement in caves, volcanoes, high mountains, seabed, etc.