Signal converters

Converters RS485

Can be connected to a network RS485 or to a PC or PLC. They basically convert a RS485 to a USB output or RS232C that can be connected to the universal USB. The most common is the model SRS-U4 from SIMEX though there are multiple devices for this function.

Converters RS232C

Enable the connection or communication of a device RS232 to a PC which does not have serial port RS232C . Converts signal RS232C to a USB output.

Converters bus

They are specific interfaces that allow us access to a data Bus. We can provide interfaces that allow us to connect data Bus to a PC GREISINGER EBW modules for the connection of a network EASYBUS to a PC from its port RS232C or USB. Also the case can be the other site, with the need to install a device with analogue output to a data bus. This applies when we do not have a particular sensor with compatible communication with the corresponding BUS. This option is not always available but specific interfaces have been developed for common BUS.