Flow sensors

//Flow sensors

Mechanical sensors

Detectores de paleta The flow path acts on a flap that at the same time acts on an electric contact. There are gas and liquid versions. It is the most basic and economical flow detection system. Small pipe equipment must be intercalated in the pipeline, for pipes above 1 "it is possible to install the equipment by pecking (inserted into the pipe). Detectores de pistón. The flow measurement is done by the action of the flow into the piston. It can be applied to small diameters (up to 2”). The movement of the piston could be adjusted in order to [...]

Thermal flow meters

Based on the principle of thermal dispersion or hot wire, they enable the measurement of the speed of the air in ventilation ducts, HVAC systems or other indoor measurements. We can measure small speeds with high accuracy. They have an amplified analogic output of 4/20 mAdc, 0/10 Vdc, 0/5 Vdc, etc. We have diverse versions from the low-cost made of plastic for undemanding applications to high resistant models.  

Non-intrusive flow meters

Non-intrusive speed detectors by Doppler system or transit time. It is based in ultrasonic installed outside of the pipe that can detect the speed of the flow, being possible to adjust the threshold They are suitable for low speed measurement. It is not necessary to install it in the pipe.