Systems without signal transportation wires from a point to another. Can be used in medium distances (up to 1 Km). Sending and receiving modules allow that the input signal in the sending point, is the same as the one received at the exit.

The most complete range includes systems WISE and WIROL.

The reception could be a specific program or  the measure can be integrated in a network using receivers for Ethernet connection (Ethernet Gateway), GSM (Cellular Gateway), USB (USB Gateway) or communication series RS232C/RS485 MODBUS (MODBUS Gateway)

The available modules are:

Communication modules.

They enable the “transportation” of serial signals like RS485 or RS232C.

Analogic modules.

Input and output analogic signals 4-20, mA or 0 to 10 Vdc.

Digital modules.

Send and receive digital signals s ON/OFF for control or knowledge of the status of an element (opening of valves, maximum or minimum levels, opening doors, etc.)

Módulos repetidores

Repeat signals from a wireless network increasing the distance range and avoiding the elements that could harm the coverage.