They allow us to visualize different inputs simultaneously or perform operations or calculations between two or more channels, the top teams are:
GIR 230 DIF. Low cost device 24 x 48 mm with two inputs 0/10 Vdc, 4-20 mA or PT1000. It displays the difference of the two inputs. It has two programmable control relays.
LEXITRON DPM 30. Format 96 x96 mm, two inputs (4-20 mA or PT100) and allows the visualisation of inputs and perform mathematic calculations
SIMEX SWP-99 and SWT-99. Format 96 x96 mm, with up to 8 inputs (4-20 mA or PT100) and allows the display of all inputs simultaneously.
COMECO TC800. 8 universal scanner inputs (process or temperature) with value indication, el número del cana visualizado and the alarm status (up to 16).
MUTICON CMC 99 (format 96 x96mm) and CMC 141 (format 144 x 144 mm). With modular architecture that allows up to 48 inputs and 16 outputs. Colour touchable screen TFT. Graphic or numeric display formats. Storable data. MODBUS RS485 communications, USB, ETHERNET. Calculation capacity between inputs and regulation control of the outputs.