The stations LSI LASTEM are professional solutions that captures the typical environmental parameters like temperature, relative humidity, speed, wind direction, barometric pressure solar radiation and rain.
It has a basic kit that includes a selection of sensors, a datalogger for 12 inputs and a software application for programming and data transfer.
From the selected basic kit, you can integrate additional sensors, communication devices, power supply, mounting hardware and other software applications, selected from a wide range of LSI LASTEM. Each component is specifically designed for a long term operation in extreme conditions.
Accuracy and system specifications met the standards of the WMO.
The easiness of installation and use are characteristic of this stations, with which the user will find an optimal solution for monitoring needs.
All sensors except the pluviometer and barometer are mounted on an aluminium support which is fixed to the top of a meteorological mast.
The datalogger with 12 inputs is mounted inside the closet IP65, where also the barometer and power supply systems and data communication are housed. It has many solutions to achieve optimal energy autonomy.
The different communication types (GPRS y TCP / IP) están disponibles para la transferencia de datos y sobre la aplicación del web de LSI where you can access to the obtained measures and download them in at any time and everywhere. Alternatively, you can use a comprehensive set of programs for visualizing and managing data from a local PC. The systems are also equipped with the MODBUS and TTY protocols to connect the station to other devices.