SENSOTEC has a complete range of meters from different manufacturers that allow us to offer a solution to any market demand for measuring gas concentration in atmosphere, confined spaces and pipes or containers.

The most common gases that we can measure are the following ones:

Methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrogen (H2), Sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen monoxide (NO), Dioxide Nitrogen (NO2), ammonia (NH3), chlorine (Cl), chlorine dioxide (ClO2), ozone (O3) and other combustible and toxic gases.

GREISINGER ELECTRONIK from the group GHM offers basic devices for the measurement of concentration of CO, CO2 and Oxygen in atmosphere (in the case of O2, there is a pipe version).

Compact meters for wall mounting GT1-CO and GT10-CO2-1R are simple instruments for the measurement in confined spaces (rooms, warehouses, garages, etc.),  of the concentration of CO or CO2 with an analogic output of 4-20 mA  corresponding to the measure.

Models OXY 3690 and OXY 3610 are suitable for the measurement of the concentration of O2 in pipes or atmosphere.

Transmitters from our represented CROWCON for wall installation, offers a wide range of models with 4-20 mA and/or digital (RS485) for the continuous measure of the concentration of most of explosive or toxic gases. The certification ATEX allow you to work in an explosive atmosphere.

The most popular models are:

XgardIQ is the more complete and clever gas detector of fixed point that increases the security when minimizing the operations time in dangerous areas.
The transmitter and gas detector secure the workforce and installations in oil plans, gas and chemical products amongst all.

It is equipped with a variety of oxygen sensors, toxic or flammable gases.

Series Xgard is a complete selection of fixed-point gas measurement that satisfies the different needs of gas detection in the worldwide industries. This includes Esto incluye muchas de tratamiento de agua, oil and gas, energy, research and manufacture plants.

Available in intrinsic security version (Exi) or antideflagrante (Exs), are made of a high quality alloy, stainless steel or GRM polymers chemically resistant. Certificates IECEx, ATEX, UL, GOST-R and MED are available.

All models have been validated with the standard security rule IEC 61508 (SIL 1 a SIL 3).

TXgard y TXgard Plus
TXgard in its versions ATEX Exi (intrinsic security) and Exd (antidreflagrante) are certificate UL devices/detectors of toxic gases and oxygen with LCD display.

Thanks to the wide range of sensors, many applications can be considered, including the, water treatment, oil and gas exploration, chemical plants and steel production. Output 4-20 mA, 2 or 3 hilos. It has a wide selection of control parameters and optional relays for alarm and default (it can be used for switching local alarms).

Flamgard Plus
is a detector with explosion protection (Ex d): It has pellistores highly resistants for the detection of hydrogen and flammable gases.

Includes display LCD and output mA.

It is particularly suitable for hydrocarbons, hydrogen, jet fuel, gasoline steam, etc.

The wireless detective is a module that does not require interconnecting cables for the application. DETECTIVE Wireless will transmit gas alert signals and other wireless alarms between detective units with 455MHz signal with 100m distance of scope.

Designed for protection and supervision to provide a virtual line, the Detective is a robust monitor of gases.

Based on the pioneer experience of Crowcon, Detective + has gained its reputation of reliability and versatility in environments ranging from offshore platforms to the sands of the Middle East.

Other portable detector models are the CLIP, TETRA 3 y GASMAN.