We have several control and security systems.

Control relays with input 4-20 mA or 0 a 10 Vdc. From an analog input signal and by adjusting a front potentiometer (CAL-2, TS500, l etc.) or with a small keyboard programming (TI-08R), we can get a relay contact for alarm or monitoring.

Temperature control relays with SIL-2 certification. STL 50 model. Control module of temperature input signals PT100 or thermocouple J, K, T, N or S. Power supply 220 Vac. Local keyboard and display. DIN rail installation. Optional EExia classification.

Security relay F121. Power supply 230 Vac. Relay output. Intended for safety category 4 and stop category 0. DIN rail installation. Current voltage relay for limitation of current inputs (up to 5 Aac or current transformers), voltage (up to 250 V) or frequency (up to 200 Hz). SPDT relay output.

Battery protection relay. It is activated when the battery has surpassed the minimum fixed value.

Isolating relay. When we can not get grounding of sufficient quality or simply it is not possible to get grounding (like in a boat and in a marine platform, etc). Conventional protection systems (differential relays) are not operational. For this function we have available the series IW10, relays with one or two contacts that protect against possible voltage drifts.