With the DMP 336 pressure transmitter, BD|SENSORS is expanding its range of industrial pressure transmitters with a version that is used for measuring the pressure of hydrogen and technical gases.

As an energy carrier of the future, hydrogen – and particularly “green hydrogen” which is obtained from renewable energies – is currently taking on a key role in shaping the energy revolution, both in political and economic terms. These storable gases can be used in many different fields of application, ranging from power and heat generation to powering ships, trains, lorries and aircraft, right up to use as fuel and raw materials in the industrial process.

For the applications named, BD|SENSORS GmbH is expanding its range of pressure transmitters with the DMP 336 version, which was designed for both hydrogen and technical gases. The use of a special stainless steel for the wetted parts make the product insensitive to the medium hydrogen and ensure that typical embrittlements are reduced as far as possible. Its grease and oil-free design in accordance with ISO 15001 means that the DMP 336 is also suitable for measuring the pressure of oxygen.

The pressure transmitter covers the measurement ranges of 16 bar to 1,000 bar with media temperatures of -40 to 125°C and measures the pressure with an accuracy of 0.5% FSO. It has an impressive resistance to pressure spikes and a high overload capacity, which the DMP 336 encounters when another gas depot is connected to the pipe system, for example. Optionally, the device is available with ATEX approval in an intrinsically safe, explosion-proof version for zone 0.

With its DMP 336, BD|SENSORS is providing users with an extremely reliable and high-quality product for pressure measurement in the field of technical gases.