Termometers with sensor

Atmosphere temperature They may have incorporated probe in the same hand device or external changeable probe. They allow the measurement of atmosphere temperature. In many cases it is combined with the measurement of humidity and / or dew point. Temperature limits of the probe with incorporated sensor are determined by the electronic component. Temperature in liquids Digital thermometers that incorporate an external probe for temperature measurement in fluids. The probes are interchangeable and can have various diameters and lengths. The type of probe is also determined by the measuring temperature Surface temperature Digital thermometers that incorporate an external probe for [...]

Infrared thermometers

Destined to measure surface temperature at a close distance They are suitable for non-reflective surfaces with a minimum area of measurement. Available in several models depending on the measurement range, the series include from basic devices with 200ºC up to 2500ºC. The infrared thermometers allow programming the emissivity factor and have a laser pointer that determines the central point of measurement or give us the measurement area.

In ducts and vessels

In ducts and vessels We can distinguish two types of devices: Digital manometers. They have the classical format with a thread connection in in the bottom and the display of pressure in different units. Power is supplied by long-life batteries. Hand devices with internal sensors or interchangeable thread or flexible tube connection. In some cases matches with the differential pressure measuring equipment (as in low pressure equipment) or atmospheric pressure (absolute pressure equipment). In both cases the equipment should be selected depending on the measure taking into account the desired accuracy, compatibility with the environment, connection, temperature, etc. Differential pressure. [...]