Wireless systems

Wireless systems point by point

Systems without signal transportation wires from a point to another. Can be used in medium distances (up to 1 Km). Sending and receiving modules allow that the input signal in the sending point, is the same as the one received at the exit. The most complete range includes systems WISE and WIROL. The reception could be a specific program or  the measure can be integrated in a network using receivers for Ethernet connection (Ethernet Gateway), GSM (Cellular Gateway), USB (USB Gateway) or communication series RS232C/RS485 MODBUS (MODBUS Gateway) The available modules are: Communication modules. They enable the “transportation” of serial [...]

Wireless sensors

Sensors with or without analogic output, send the data constantly to a receptor via radio. Upon reception, the data is processed and data is acquired, controlled or sent to PC. We offer a wide range of sensors SENSINEXT reception in the systems SMARTNEXT, WEBNEXT and NEXTVIEW. The compatible sensors with the system, allows us the measurement of: temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, vibration, level, CO. Sistema de medida en Compost. System of sensors with radio transmission. The system EXP831 measures and sends signals corresponding to temperature and. The system is ready for steady work in the environment of nave de compostaje [...]

PC Wireless systems

Similar to the point-to-point systems but repetition of the input signal at the reception is not produced but the receiver will enter the data directly into a PC or stores it in the receiving module.

GSM – GPRS systems

We offer multiple elements with data sending capacity by means of GSM technology. Systems may be of different types: Specific modules that allow us to send data form the sensor or transmitter via GSM. They are very common in remote facilities such as flow measurement in water transport networks and it usually is an option of flow meter or an external plug. Network model. We can connect to a local network or remote terminal. In this case our network is part of a network with different elements and equipment. GSM control modules or centralitas de Telegestión via GSM.The local module [...]