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New level probe DCL 532 with i2C interface

BD SENSORS is presenting a new level probe with a stainless-steel sensor in a proven, high-quality design. The special feature of this probe is an i2C interface that the device uses to communicate digitally with higher-level systems. In recent years, the summer months in Europe have been impacted by extreme weather conditions and depleting groundwater volumes. To respond to this more purposefully, the number of monitoring networks for measuring levels of ground and surface water has increased constantly. It’s precisely for these applications that BD|SENSORS is presenting a new, low-power level probe that offers proven technical features as well as [...]

Equipped for the energy revolution: DMP 336 pressure transmitter for hydrogen and technical gases

With the DMP 336 pressure transmitter, BD|SENSORS is expanding its range of industrial pressure transmitters with a version that is used for measuring the pressure of hydrogen and technical gases. As an energy carrier of the future, hydrogen - and particularly “green hydrogen” which is obtained from renewable energies - is currently taking on a key role in shaping the energy revolution, both in political and economic terms. These storable gases can be used in many different fields of application, ranging from power and heat generation to powering ships, trains, lorries and aircraft, right up to use as fuel and [...]

Compressed air monitoring

Efficiency, quality and safety are essential when it comes to a compressed air system. In order to keep your system that way (or make it even more efficient and safe) monitoring is a must. To avoid unnecessary costs, energy management is required and this is a continuous process. Overtime your production process changes, maintenance issues can occur, new leakages can come to live and more. Therefore, to maximize your energy savings, permanent monitoring is key. An air audit is a great way to uncover your savings potential and based upon its results, great improvements can be made to your compressed [...]

Sensors with ATEX certification and SIL2/PLd certificate

Don't go airborne, but better safe than sorry if your application or its environment is at risk of explosion. TWK introduces a new safety encoder for explosion protection according to ATEX, Zone 1 / 21. Additionally, with certificate for functional safety SIL2 / Performance Level d. There are many different applications. Simple and complex. Inexpensive and expensive. Non-hazardous and hazardous. Some of them are even explosive. The medium-sized company TWK has suitable sensor technology for almost all areas of application to convert mechanical into electrical measured variables or into electronic data. The basic principle is: Safety first. In the context [...]

G 1910 Mobile CO2 measuring device in handy format

With the new G 1910-02 and G 1910-20 CO₂ handheld measuring devices users benefit from a compact CO₂ monitor with integrated sensor and an optical and acoustic alarm function that has an impressively long rechargeable battery life, easy charging and a very wide measuring range. Strong in design, durable and practical in use CO₂ is an indicator of indoor air quality and can also be used as an indicator of air hygiene (COVID-19). From schools, wineries, heating and ventilation technology, air conditioning systems to energy management in buildings and greenhouses applications: The compact CO₂ hand held measuring devices of the [...]

EU renewable energy roadmap will boost the need for online monitoring of siloxanes in biogas

European Union regulation will substantially increase the use of renewable energy as a source for heat and energy production. Furthermore, the EU requires Member States to significantly increase the use of biogas in the transport sector, from a share of 0.2% in 2022 to 3.5% in 2030. To increase the use of biogas and biomethane has created a need to ensure gas quality by measuring impurities such as siloxanes, ammonia, halogenated hydrocarbons and hydrogen chloride. For this purpose, Important standardization work has been carried out and two separate Standards (EN 16723-1:2016 and EN 16723-2:2017/2018) now establish maximum allowed levels of [...]

Level probe LMP 307 – the allrounder now also in a new petrol version

In a welded version, the level probe LMP 307 was the ideal choice for measuring fill levels of solvents and fuels. A new housing version makes it easier to mount and increases the level of resistance. BD|SENSORS is expanding its range to include new versions of the tried-and-tested level probe LMP 307. This model is the ultimate allrounder in the “Hydrostatic level measurement” discipline and for more than 20 years it has been reliably recording levels in clean and slightly contaminated liquids. The LMP 307 offers a persuasive choice with a wide range of available measuring areas, output signals, materials [...]

The new hand-held pressure measuring devices

The new fine manometers G 1107 and manometer G 1113 from Greisinger feature outstanding speed, high resolution and highest accuracy measuring process. The handheld meters take the price-performance leadership, complemented by position-independent measuring in difficult access situations. The manometer G 1107 covers a very high-resolution range of up to +/- 200 hPa / 20 kPa, while its sister device G 1113 provides equally precise differential pressure measurements up to +/- 2000 hPa. In addition, there is the switchable FINE-Function, which enhances the resolution to an exceptional level. A further advantage of the high-performance chip-based MEMS sensor is the ability to [...]

FTS140 Hot Wire Air Velocity Transmitter

Hot wire mass flow transmitter IP rating:IP54 Linear adjustment function Switching analog output by dip switch Off set function by button The housing and probe material are PC fire-proof FTS140 hot wire air velocity transmitter, using mass flow measuring principle, stable electrical bridge with good accuracy, simple structure, stable performance and low flow sensitivity. It is suitable for use in HVAC air conditioning environment measurement, optimization and adjustment of system performance, ventilation control. Duct type, easy installation, suitable is used extensively in environmental engineering projects, as facility and factory maintenance.

C4F20: New universal multifunction converter

A SIMPLE SELECTION OF PROGRAM CONFIGURES US AUTOMATICALLY IN AND OUT Format 22 x 108 mm to install on rail 3 KV isolation between input / output / power Configurable process and temperature signals input 4-20 mA or 0/10 Vdc signal output selectable The C4F converter is a versatile element that can be applied as galvanic isolation for protection in case of ground or return problems. Its main application is the conversion of signals to introduce them into analog input cards, acquisition systems, control systems or PLC’s. The equipment is configured using two buttons, a simple two-digit display located under [...]

U1000MKII-FM – Fixed Ultrasonic Flow Meter

New Ultraflo U1000MKII-HM Clamp-on Heat Meter/Energy Meter. The New U1000MKII-HM is a “Best Value” Clamp-on, Ultrasonic heat meter alternative to traditional inline energy meters, for energy management and billing applications in domestic and commercial, district or shared heating or cooling systems. Offering significant installation cost and dry maintenance benefits over traditional inline products. The U1000MKII-FM is an ultrasonic permanent/fixed clamp-on flow metering solution for measuring flow rate and total flow with a volume pulse output and optional Modbus or 4-20mA flow proportional output, which can be used as a stand-alone meter or as part of an integral management system. Simple [...]


For continuous level measurement of liquids (even if polluted), mash and paste materials in open or closed vessels, sumps, open channels, drains, etc. Variants of level meter with adjustment by two buttons, or by magnetic pen Xi version for usage in explosive areas State indication by two LEDs Current output (4 ... 20 mA), voltage output (0 ... 10 V) or RS-485 Modbus output Wide choice of electric connection via connectors, cable glands or protective conductor Reception of reflected ultrasonic signal from level can be improved using horn adaptor The ULM® ultrasonic level meters are compact measurement devices containing an [...]